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It's available now from Razer's Store, and will be out before the end of March at other retailers. It also produces more vibrant colours and even lighting, which I can't help but feel has been designed solely with the idea of making sure your PC's RGB lighting bits and bobs can be shown off in all their rainbow-tastic glory without getting lost or blown out on-camera. In contrast to static background and cameras capture setting, outdoor has more dynamic and unrestricted environment with frequent occlusion and high variation in background/foreground objects appearance. Figure 14 shows several outdoor simulations on the standard activities with snow, fog, and occlusion effects (each column). In particular, for the challenging scene in rows 3-4, the target person has relatively casual dress with partial leg occlusion by the top costume The generated 3D pose from our attention model are visually plausible and resemble the user’s body motion very well.

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